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About our Company

Tesla Elevator System Technology (branded as the Tesla Elevator, its former legal name Tesla EST.LLC) is an American company that develops, manufactures and markets elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related equipments.We are one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Elevators. We are 23 years experience in elevator field. We have supplied bed lifts, goods lifts, capsule lifts and passenger lifts at various places.

Our sales services are very good and breakdowns are minimum and are attended fast in time. We have full-fledged preventive maintenance wing with adequate stock of genuine tools and spares. We are using latest technology with high quality materials, standard workmanship with engineer’s for installation, testing, commissioning of lifts. We have all facilities to meet the market requirements to satisfy our valued customer needs. Our clients include commercial complexes, Apartments, Individual Houses, Hospitals, Hotels, Factories and Government Offices etc.

Tesla Information

Name: Tesla Elevator System Technology (formerly known as Tesla EST.LLC).
Location: Based in the United States.
Product Range: Specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related equipment.
Established: With 23 years of experience in the elevator industry, we are a well-established company.
Reputation: Known as one of the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers of elevators in the market.
Innovation: Committed to continuous innovation in elevator technology to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Quality: Focused on delivering high-quality products and services to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.
Safety: Prioritizes safety standards in all aspects of elevator design and operation.
Efficiency: Emphasizes energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions in elevator systems.
Expert Team: Boasts a team of experienced professionals in the elevator field, from design to installation and maintenance.
Customer-Centric: Dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of each customer.
Global Reach: Serves both domestic and international markets, contributing to our global presence.
Comprehensive Solutions: Offers a wide range of elevator products and services tailored to various industries and building types.

Industry Certifications: Holds relevant industry certifications and complies with international standards for elevators and related equipment.
Customization: Capable of providing custom elevator solutions to meet specific client requirements and architectural needs.
Maintenance Services: Offers comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of elevators.
Modernization Expertise: Provides modernization services to upgrade existing elevators with the latest technology and safety features.
Sustainability Initiatives: Actively involved in sustainability efforts, promoting energy-efficient elevators and green technologies.
Customer References: Proudly showcases positive testimonials and references from satisfied clients.

Project Portfolio: Features an extensive portfolio of successful elevator installations in various commercial, residential, and public spaces.
Research and Development: Invests in ongoing research and development to stay at the forefront of elevator technology.
Safety Standards: Ensures compliance with industry safety regulations and implements rigorous safety protocols.
After-Sales Support: Offers prompt and responsive after-sales support, including technical assistance and troubleshooting.
Industry Partnerships: Collaborates with leading industry partners and suppliers to enhance product offerings and capabilities.
 Customer Education: Provides educational resources and training to clients and partners regarding elevator usage, maintenance, and safety.

Tesla Workshop

Tesla R & D Team

Tesla Elevator is backed by the powerful technical R & D strength to boost enterprise innovation and development.It individually researches into,develops top technologies such as new generation control system,new generation gear-less permanent magnet synchronous traction machine,door machine system etc.Meanwhile it lays equal importance upon quality and credit.It produces fine quality elevators of the times with high importance upon quality and credit.It produces fine quality elevators of the times with igh use value,high technical content.It pushes forward the continuous advancement of the world’s elevators.

Tesla Technology

Intelligently judge the possibility of elevator operation failure. When the elevator fails or encounters a power outage and cannot run, the system automatically switches and takes over the main control system.Without the assistance of any maintenance personnel and rescue personnel, the car moves to the nearest floor.

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