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Small Machine Room
Passenger Elevator

The passenger elevator in the small machine room adopts the reasonable civil layout realize the same size of the machine room area and the shaft and effective saves the space occupation.

Machine Roomless
Passenger Elevator

Non machine room passenger elevator adopts mature elevator technology to ensure consistent elevator quality on the premise of optimizing the overall structure design. In the design of no machine room all the devices in the original machine


Fine and exquisite observation elevator enhances the grade of the building. Furthermore, it becomes a high light in the whole mansion. Tesla Elevator observation elevator enjoys mobile. 

Hospital Elevator

Tesla Elevator hospital elevator not only delivers passengers. Be cause of its special use it has special and strict requirements to use and functional properties.

Home Elevator

Tesla Elevator home elevators perform exceptionally well in a limited space. No machine room, the height of the top floor is small, which can be matched with the old and new houses. Use standard rail mounting system for faster and more convenient installation.

Freight Elevator

Out starring structure and high strength car design are superiority application forvarious operational environments. From factory, production line, exhibition hall to warehouse, shopping center, Tesla Elevator freight elevator always offers safe and effective goods transport plans.

Car Elevator

Functions of Tesla Elevator automobile elevator are similar to that of heavy load freight elevator. It fulfills free up / down of automobiles in vertical spaces. In the aspect of design, it fully considers big space, heavy load that are required by automobile loading uploading.


Compared with the traditional worm gear decelerator, precise and effective helical gear decelerator is more effective. it fully guarantees the effcient energy utilization.


Truss applies robot welding technology. It are atly enhances the manufacture craft and technicality. It has the advantages such as improving quality, farm and durable , elegant and attractive etc. Super mute host efficiently prevents from vibration. tread gets special mute. 

Tesla Elevator is a professional passenger elevator manufacturer and supplier with advanced technology.
Our passenger elevator have high speed performance and heavy duty, the
load capacity can be 450-1600kg for 6-22 people. Widely applicable for
apartment, residential, office building, hotel, shopping center, traffic
hubs, and public buildings.

Whether it is a small shaft, heavy loading, high speed, or low
headroom, you can always find best solution in Tesla Elevator with our
special mission as follows.

  • Perfect details create ultimate product experience.
  • High cost performance, saving big cost.
  • Perfect customer experience, saving your value time.

Machine Room (MR) Elevator

Our small machine room elevator technology helps you to increase the efficiency of your engineering and accelerate the speed of project progress. The use of Dazen small machine room passenger elevator can ensure smooth operation of the engineering. Therefore, no effects will be brought to the progress of the engineering due to the installation of the elevator.

Elevator with Machine Room

Elevators with machine room have traction privilege lifted by ropes passing over a wheel attached to motors.There are two types of machine room design:
1. Geared Traction
2. Gearless Traction
The weight adds to the efficiency of the elevators as it offsets the weight of the goods and occupants so as to avoid pulling the extra loads. They are used for mid and high rise applications. It can be classified in terms of geared and gearless traction.

Apart from high-quality value and generous models, this Elevators comes with a series of variants Automatic lift-SS door
SS half framed glass door
Duplex elevator system
M.S powder-coated door
MS swing door with vision panels
MS door with vision panels

Machine Room Less Elevator

Our machine room less elevator no need for special machine room for elevator, saving space and cost.Low vibration, low noise, stable and reliable.High efficiency, energy saving.Easy to install and maintain.To meet specific requirements for height and roofing.


Elevator Without Machine Room

Machine room-less elevators launched by Tesla Elevator  Uses MRL technology and doesn’t require a special traction machine room, to save construction costs for users, and improve the utilisation ratio of space. At the same time, this concept makes the Elevators to fully integrate into the architectural layout and the structure more perfectly.
The control cabinet of no machine room Elevators through flexible design is placed on the top door which tactfully uses the space of hatchway, so as to fully dispense with the need of construction of an independent machine room.
Apart from high-quality value and generous models, this Tesla MRL comes with a series of variants like

Automatic lift-SS door
SS half framed glass door
Duplex elevator system
M.S powder-coated door
MS swing door with vision panels
MS door with vision panels

Luxuries cabin Design

ElevatOR Low-Rise Buildings
Discover Our High-Performance Passenger Transportation Solutions

When it comes to passenger transportation solutions for small buildings with up to 5 floors, we firmly believe that low-rise doesn’t mean low-performance. Our company takes pride in offering a diverse range of top-quality elevators that prioritize safety, comfort, compact design, and energy efficiency. With a commitment to providing reliable rides at every price point, we ensure that people can move safely and seamlessly to their desired destinations.

Safety and Reliability:

At the heart of our elevator solutions lies a focus on safety and reliability. We understand that passenger well-being is of utmost importance, and that’s why our elevators are engineered to meet the highest safety standards. With cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing, our robust designs guarantee smooth and secure rides for all users.

Comfort and Convenience:

Elevating passengers to their destinations isn’t just about reaching the floor; it’s about ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience. Our elevators are equipped with features designed to enhance the overall journey. From spacious cabins to noiseless operation, we prioritize the comfort of our passengers throughout their ride.

Compact Design:

We recognize the space constraints in low-rise buildings, which is why our elevators boast a compact design without compromising on performance. By utilizing smart engineering and space-saving innovations, our elevators seamlessly integrate into buildings of all sizes, making them an ideal choice for small structures.

Energy Efficiency:

As part of our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, energy efficiency is a key consideration in our elevator designs. By employing eco-friendly technology and optimizing power consumption, our elevators minimize their environmental impact while still delivering excellent performance.

Versatility at Every Price Point:

We understand that every building and budget is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of elevator solutions, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether it’s a cost-effective option or a premium model with advanced features, we have the perfect elevator for your specific requirements.

High Efficiency, Low Energy Consumption,
Safe & Reliable

High Efficiency:

Our elevator parts are designed with cutting-edge technology, emphasizing efficiency in their operation. With innovative features and precision engineering, our parts contribute to optimizing the overall performance of your elevators, allowing smooth and swift rides for passengers.

Low Energy Consumption:

Environmental sustainability is a core value for us, and we understand the importance of energy-efficient solutions. Our elevator parts are carefully crafted to minimize energy consumption without compromising on performance. By choosing our parts, you not only enhance the efficiency of your elevators but also reduce your building’s carbon footprin

Safety and Reliability:

The safety of passengers is paramount, and our elevator parts are built to meet the highest safety standards. We conduct rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure that our parts perform flawlessly and reliably under various conditions. With our components, you can trust that your elevators will operate safely and consistently.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous
Gearless Traction Machine

Advanced vector conversion technology, according to the human body ride comfort, will adjust the speed in real time. advanced High-speed digital signal processing system to improve the speed of the traction control machine, which will minimize the Less elevator vibration. The latest low noise control technology allows the elevator to run.

Functions List Of Passenger Elevator


  • With/without drive operation
  • Automatic return to the base landing
  • Automatic landing
  • Call cancel when begin reverse-running
  • Cage door opening when elevator arrives the floor where there is a hall call
  • Door opening / closing call indication
  • Indication in the cage when hall calling
  • Self-Learning of shaft data
  • Full load non-stop operation
  • Overload alarm, Car Operating panel display: “OL”
  • Alarming device
  • In-car and m/r inter talk device
  • Light and fan auto-control
  • Elevator Locking Device
  • Door closing time auto delaying
  • False-call canceling
  • Emergency Light
  • Driven over current protection
  • Door opening / closing time-limited protection
  • Rope sliding protection
  • Door Nudging
  • Trouble self-diagnosis and memory
  • Over speed falling protection
  • Top/Bottom landing overpass protection
  • Inspection Operation
  • Floor display
  • Light curtain protection with mechanical safety edge
  • Fireman’s return switch



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